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How to Wear a Turban

During winter I’m usually torn between keeping my head warm/dry and keeping my hair somewhat presentable. Enter the fashion turban that blends the two functions perfectly!


It’s best to plan to wear your turban for the day (to avoid the dreaded hat head) and thus to plan your hairdo accordingly. I usually like to have a bit of hair peeking out at the forehead (a little side bang always looks cute). You can style it as above to get a more period look or just smooth it against your face for a little more definition.

Turbans come in different shapes and sizes and can feel a bit weird at first. Most vintage turbans in particular will have a little additional padding that may make you feel a little self-conscious. Turbans are a bold look so it’s best to embrace your cute new hat! Newer turbans are usually thinner and can feel less bulky so that’s something to consider.

If you like the look of a turban but can’t quite commit to the look there are lots of cute turban headbands to ease you into it. In either case make sure you pick a colour that will blend with your wardrobe and that you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Turbans are a cute look! Wear yours with confidence and let your hair stay dry all winter!



Winter Whites

photo: The Sartorialist

It’s a very grey day here in Toronto today – snow, slush, clouds and drizzle. Sometimes to counter balance the blah outdoors I like to build a nice, bright outfit using my favourite winter whites.

Winter whites tend to be a bit creamier than a traditional white and look great as a whole look (head to toe) or with just one accent piece  – I like to wear my winter whites with a black leather miniskirt. And although I usually tell people to avoid white tights like it’s their job, in the winter months a rich white tight can be a nice contrast to the blah surroundings.

Knits are a good place to start with winter whites (cable knits for example) or a pretty silk blouse.

Brighten that dreary day with a little ray of bright whites!

What Leah Wears

It has been much too cold and miserable this week to stage a new What Leah Wears so instead I’ve picked one of my favourite outfits that i wore Toronto Fashion Week last October.


photo: Erin Simkin for Toronto Life

photo: Stefania Yahri for Fashion Magazine

photo: Stefania Yahri for Fashion Magazine

White shirt, Club Monaco; velvet bow, H&M; sheer polka dot tee, Gat Rimon at Dalston Grey; vintage army jacket and leather pants; bag by Alexander Wang.

Photos as credited above

How to Wear Plaid

To find the next trend to come back from the dead we need look no further than the early 90s. Docs are everywhere and where docs go, plaid will not be far behind. But how to wear without re-living the oversized Angela Chase layers?

As usual – I suggest using plaid as a layering piece. You don’t necessarily need to show the whole garment to get the plaid effect. Worn under a denim jacket as a sort of second/under jacket looks great, or worn loosely with some worked in denim, sleeves rolled looks great too.

I also love the look – just a simple, basic, vintage tartan skirt is given fresh life when paired with a cute coordinating print.


In general, plaid pairs well with wools, other prints and denim. This time of year I’d suggest staying away from the plaid shirt/white t-shirt combo and leave that for the warmer weather. If you just wanna dip your toes in the plaid pool don’t forget that a plaid scarf or mitts will brighten a dark winter coat.

Happy dressing! And don’t forget to email us with your questions:

Just Add Fur

It’s winter in Canada so there is fur everywhere you look. Mostly fur-trimmed hoods but also lotsa lovely fur collars worn over coat lapels adding a cozy, luxe layer. I love the look below – the use of fur is so unexpected! And easy to do if you already have a fur collar in your closet. Layered over leather like it is here makes the look very clean and keeps it from looking too bulky.

fur sash

Tommy Ton for

If wearing animals is not your thing, take inspiration from this pic of Elisa Nalin. A coloured faux fur collar is easy to find and I love the mix here of two similar colours (jacket and collar) and the mix of textures with the velvet blazer, fur collar and angora sweater. Super stylish and warm as can be!

Tommy Ton for

Tommy Ton for

How To Wear Running Shoes

The Locals

Stockholm Street Style

If you follow Leah Says’ sister blog, Dalston Grey, you’ll know that I have a growing love of running shoes. Not, heaven forbid, the type meant for running but, instead, the type meant for adding a little sporty to your fashion.


To begin, a pair of Converse All Stars are an easy entry point and for the more daring check out Nike’s new releases or anything by New Balance. Flashy kicks can add a little bit of humour to an outfit (like worn with a skirt as above) or add an interesting element to a non-sporty look.


I like to wear mine with a print pant – usually the leopard print ones above. The contrast of the neon shoe with a fashiony pattern gets the most mileage out of the trend. They also look great paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans – just let the shoes be the focus so it’s clear you’re not just throwing them on for comfort (that’s just a bonus in this case!). Wear your trainers with a favourite bag and let them shine!

Happy dressing! As always – if you have a fashion quandary email me at

Beanie Bliss

I know slouchy beanies are all the rage these days but I’ve been having trouble working one into my admittedly non-sporty wardrobe. Although I did happen across this beauty last week at Ransack the Universe which has temporarily changed my view on the toque (who can say no to a hot pink pom-pom?).


If you don’t fancy a neon cap, however, and still crave the practicality of the toque I think the below is a beautiful example of how to bridge the gap.

photo: Stockholm Street Style

She’s added (or found?) such a simple element to the basic toque (veil netting) but it completely transforms this simple, basic piece! Any good fabric store will have plenty of netting to chose from and I think the end result is beautiful! I could talk at length about the rest of her outfit (the JW Anderson varsity jacket, leather skirt, perfect clutch and statement sunglasses…) but I won’t. It is, though, a great example of adding a “sporty” element to a look without making the look any less sophisticated or more casual. Street style images like these really help me re-think basics which is a great help when re-working your own wardrobe.

How To Wear an Oversized Sweater


Nothing feels cozier than a big knit sweater on these long cold days. And although it would be lovely to feel like you’re wearing a blanket you certainly don’t want to look like you are! The sweater above is a vintage men’s knit which means it will be perfectly roomy to stuff over lotsa layers, but the shoulders and sleeves can make it look like you are actually just wearing a man’s sweater.

The make the look a little more feminine, I like to use layering. A print blouse peeking out at the collar and cuffs adds a nice touch, and rolling the sleeves give it a comfortable, relaxed feel. If a blouse doesn’t seem right you could also just wear a long pendant necklace to give the look the same feminine flavour.



A big sweater looks best worn over leather leggings or just a pair of tights to that the volume of the top isn’t competing with any bulk on the bottom. You’ll also want to avoid any sort of belt – a heavy knit won’t cinch much/nicely and you’ll risk making yourself look much wider than you are.

Hope that helps and happy dressing!